Delta Kitchen Faucets

If you are considering replacing a kitchen faucet, or are in the process of installing a new kitchen, you should consider looking closely at Delta Faucets.

Delta Kitchen Faucets are known for their style and quality. They will work with a variety of decorating schemes. Their well-designed faucets combine quality manufacturing with designs that are both functional and beautiful.

If youre looking for a simple faucet to work with a casual dcor, Delta will have one for you. Dont let their simple looks fool you. These faucets are designed to be used.

However, if youre into a contemporary motif that uses uncluttered and sleek lines, Deltas minimalist point of view is your best bet. Deltas collection of contemporary faucets blends well with metal finishes and sophisticated tiling choices.

Deltas designers havent forgotten individuals who prefer more traditional or stately choices. Faucets embracing traditional design elements combine modern technology and will complement the homeowners or designers interpretation of an old-fashioned look.

When turning away from contemporary and casual designs to more traditional designs is called for, Delta responds with a select group of faucets. Blending antique and country designs with Deltas innovative engineering , it is possible to blend the old and the new into a classic interpretation of traditional themes.

If the phrase to the manor born describes your design choices, Delta Kitchen Faucets can supply you with a series of choices whose graceful curves not only fit in, they enhance your dcor. Since all of Deltas faucets are available in a variety of finishes, you can match or coordinate them with your cabinet hardware and other appliances in the kitchen.

Deltas focus isnt just on design work. Delta is also committed to developing technology that adds value to and improves the functionality of their products. For example, Delta was the first company to introduce a single handle faucet. This design concept has become commonplace in kitchens for the last half century. Another technological innovation was the design of a pivoting aerator that is integrated into the faucet design itself. A simple twist of the wrist moves the water from spray to stream.

Delta continues to develop additional new technologies. One, DIAMOND Seal Technology, is a durable and remarkably leak free water delivery system. Using diamonds on the internal contact surface, water does not come in contact with potentially contaminating metals.

Touch2O is a one-touch system for turning your faucet on or off. Touch any part of the faucet to turn the water on; touch to turn off. This system makes controlling the water while youre using the sink easy and encourages water conservation.

These two technological innovations are indicative of Delta Faucets commitment to push technology forward while maintaining high environmental standards. In addition, Delta has made significant progress in developing green standards for its manufacturing facilities. Faucets by Delta are designed to encourage conservation without any sacrifice of style, convenience or function.

No matter what your style from contemporary to classic; no matter what your purpose new construction, repair or renovation, theres a Delta Kitchen Faucet for you.