Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks

Dating back to the 19th century, farmhouse kitchen sinks have been a popular design found in homes across the country. Originally made out of fireclay, these traditional sinks were noted for their ability to stand up to many years of usage. The modern day farmhouse sink typically runs in two distinct styles, modern and retro. These modern day farmhouse sinks are constructed from an array of different materials designed to fit a consumers budget and kitchen styles. Typical modern day composites are copper, stone, stainless steel and fireclay. Prices typically range from around 800 to 3500 depending on style and material used.

Native Trails Copper Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks provides many different sink designs made out of copper. There are several positive aspects to being constructed from copper, one of them being that copper is naturally antibacterial. This brings a certain kind of security to the home and as we all know, peace of mind can be priceless.

Quiescence Stone Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks have many solid stone sinks to choose from. Solid meaning that there chiseled from a solid block of stone as opposed to segmented construction. They come in styles ranging from single bowl to double bowl designs than can accommodate just about any location in the kitchen. Quiescence has brought together the beauty of nature and the durability of stone to create this piece of art that will last many generations to come. Features include chiseled or polished front apron, upper rimmed edge for undermount sink instillation, and standard sized drain opening that fits drains and disposals.

Herbeau Creations of Life have been producing classic such as their farmhouse kitchen design since 1857. Made from traditional fireclay and French ivory, Herbeau sinks bring a stunning classic look and modern day charm to the decor of any styled kitchen. These traditional farmhouse sinks are standard undermounted, chiseled edges on all sides and can be used with a garbage disposal. Keep in mind when designing your kitchen that these sinks can weigh in excess of 180 pounds.

Shaws Original Fireclay Farmhouse sink from ROHL is a traditional European style sink made from fireclay. It has a distinct European essence which brings warmth and personality to your home. Shaws farmhouse sinks are designed in Lancaster, England where every sink is hand poured and detailed by an artisan to insure the quality that Shaws is known for. Every Shaws comes hand-engraved with the artist name just as they have done for the past 100 years. Unlike typical cast iron sinks, Shaws farmhouse sink can be cleaned with abrasive solvents and pads without harming its surface. They come in several distinct sizes and designs to accommodate most kitchen layouts. Several configurations provided are, single and double bowls, integral aprons, and a choice between centered or offset drain settings. These sinks also come in two distinct mounting styles including a flush mounting or undermounted design.

Although traditional in style, farmhouse sinks fits perfectly into a modern day kitchen and household of today. From the conventionally constructed fireclay sinks to the contemporary styled ones, youll have an assortment of designs to choose from.