Granite Kitchen Sinks

Contemporary designs for sinks have changed to include many new types of materials. Natural granite is always an appealing look for kitchen or bathroom sinks. In the kitchen, granite kitchen sinks are durable, functional and offer a totally different decor to a room. It is available in shades of brown, charcoal, green, sand and blue. Since its a natural material, although some are a composite of granite and acrylic resins, there are certain things to remember about maintaining these sinks.

Though they are non-porous surfaces, they do absorb mineral deposits from standing water, with stains as a result. Its best to avoid using products containing bleach as strong chemicals will cause discoloration. A quick cleaning after use is really all thats required to retain a lustrous appearance. Because the surface of granite sinks is quite dense, protect it from damage such as dropping sharp objects that may cause chipping. Guard against scale buildup with regular cleaning. Nor, should the sink be used as a cutting surface in cooking preparation. Avoid using metal scouring pads as these may cause scratches. The thing to remember about granite sinks is that they retain their glossy patina much longer than other materials.

Most Popular Colors for Contemporary Kitchens and Bath

Though there are a variety of colors from which to choose to coordinate room decor, the most popular colors in contemporary kitchens and bath are those with a metallic hue and those designed in washbowl styles with or without legs for a base. This is innovation at its best for upgrading and remodeling kitchen and bath. These new designs project an old/new style that meets most any home decor needs. In the bathroom, pedestal sinks are quite popular.

In kitchens, sinks are coordinated with granite counter tops, another new innovation for a high use area of the home. Though the cost for these sinks may be slightly higher than regular porcelain or ceramic, the advantage is in the long wear they offer. Beauty shouldnt be compromised for utility and installing granite kitchen sinks or granite baths serve both needs quite well.