Kohler Kitchen Faucets

Kohler faucets provide style to a typical kitchen. The faucets function beautifully adding a spark to a boring kitchen. Being around since 1873 Kohler has developed products that last for a long time. Kohler faucets are easy to install yourself with assistance from the Kohler website or a Kohler representative.

Take the Simplice for example. A stylish simple faucet that is sold at an affordable price and would fit any kitchen decor. It spins 360 degrees around and provides a high spout elevation for countless cleaning jobs.

Another new stylish yet expensive product is the Karbon. Using 5 joints this faucet comes in gold, black or gray. Advantages with this new faucet are complete flexibility allowing the faucet to move and spray at many different angles. The faucet is capable of extending to a height of 18 in.! Also built with carbon fibers inside the faucet add strength and style the Karbon.

If your a chef and your looking for more professional heavy duty faucets then you should think about the ProMaster. Designed as a 30 in. hand pullout hose that spins 140 degrees. Kohler takes this product a step further and adds a Lifetime warranty to the faucet.

Kohler Co. also has one of the best customer service and questions hotline. Depending on your question you call a different number.

Reasons to use Kohler kitchen faucets:

Reliable warranty and service. Excellent quality and lasting faucets. Endless choices of colors and prices. Personally looking at these bold faucets I wouldnt hesitate to pick Kohler above the competing faucet brands for the many truthful reasons above.

Kohler even provides a three step process to help you pick the perfect faucet for your kitchen. The first step would be to pick if you want side spray a pullout or a pulldown faucet. In step two you must choose whether you want a high arch spout allowing larger dishes to be washed. The high arch faucets are typically from 8-10 in. Your other option is a standard faucet which ranges from 3-5 in. In the last step your given the option to either have two handles on your faucet or one. Once you pick the final option it pulls all the faucets that fit your selections and you can choose a price and move on from there.

Affordable prices and many options await you when it comes to Kohler Kitchen Faucets.