Single Handle Kitchen Faucets

Whether youre building a new home and considering what you would like to do to the kitchen or remodeling your current home, and thinking of re-decorating your kitchen, there are many different types and brands of kitchen faucets to choose from. Single handle kitchen faucets are a great choice for kitchens. They are very space efficient, and are made to match any kitchen decor.

As with any item, there are many different name brands to choose from. Some popular choices youve probably heard of include Kohler, Price Pfister, Whitehause, Bristol and Bath, Delta Faucet, Symmons, Westbrass, Newport Brass, and Fusion. Each of these brands have their own unique qualities, which will come in handy when you decide what decor you would like to choose for your kitchen.

You should also consider what color you would like your faucet to be. Most people are surprised at the plethora of colors there are to choose from when you go to pick out your kitchen faucet. You can choose from your basic colors such as all white or all black, or you can go with a different bronze color.

There are even combination colors you can choose from.

For a more contemporary looking kitchen, you could choose Fusions single-handle faucet from their Turnberry series. This comes in a brass color or a bronze color, and it features a sprayer you can pull down. Or you can choose a black iron single handle kitchen faucet by Fusion. Fusion is a leading brand for those who are really wanting to up-grade the look and feel of their kitchen.

For a more vintage look, consider the Belle Foret Single handle faucet in the French Country series. Let this old-fashioned style faucet complete the look of your kitchen. It comes in a chrome color to give it a polished, yet rustic look that all your guests will admire.

Belle Foret offers other old fashioned theme faucets for their customers to choose from as well.

For those who dont mind investing a bit more for something with a bit more than your every day faucet, should consider one such as the Kohler special single handle faucet that features a pull out sprayer. This faucet is done in a chrome coloring, and offers many different functions and capabilities to its user. While its a bit more pricey than some other choices, it makes up for that with the quality you can only get from a brand such as Kohler.

Probably the most popular of choices, and common in households is the kind of featured in the Sincerity series by the Delta Brand. Very budget friendly, and yet still high quality, this is great for people who arent interested in all the extra frills. These are usually featured in a chrome finish, and look great with any theme you have chosen for your kitchen.

Prices for single handle kitchen faucets vary depending upon what brand you buy, where you buy it from, and whats its made of. You can find some quality faucets for a low price and for more premium ones, you can spend several hundred dollars.