What are the Best Kitchen Sink Taps?

There are many different styles of kitchen sink taps on the market these days. If you need to replace your taps, or if perhaps you just installed a new sink, it is a good time to re-evaluate what type of taps to purchase.

One thing that you should do, before going ahead and buying taps, is to ask the people who use the taps the most what they would prefer to have. The preference of the main person who cooks should be carefully considered, as it is the cook who usually ends up spending the most time at the sink either washing and preparing food, or cleaning up afterward. In the midst of a busy meal preparation time sometimes the smallest things can turn out to be a hindrance, and making a simple change can make all the difference.

For example, you may prefer to have a tap with a gooseneck that comes over into the sink. Your resident cook, however may prefer to have the taps directly attached to the wall, or they may prefer a different style of faucet. While taps with a gooseneck are great for directing water into the sink, they also sometimes really do get in the way of big pots and pans, and they also can get in the way when doing meal prep too. One alternative which you may want to consider, if this is the case, is a tap and faucet that can swivel to the side so that it can be swiveled all the way out of the sink to where it does not interfere with other activities. From the perspective of someone who does a lot of cooking, there are a few practical suggestions I would like to make when it comes to kitchen sink taps.

First of all, have the gooseneck swivel and be movable. It is also much better if the water can be turned on with a lever handle rather than actual screw ball taps, as that makes it so much easier when your hands are full of flour, raw meat or other food substances. If you can turn them on with your elbow, rather than dirty hands, you help the kitchen stay much cleaner. It is also important that it is very simple to adjust both water flow and water temperature. The kitchen sink taps should not get in the way of the cook or the dishwasher, but rather they should facilitate whatever task is happening at the time. Many people like to showcase their kitchens, and that is great providing it does not come at the expense of practicality and usefulness.